Customer Service Tactics You Need


One of the most important aspects of business is customer service. Keeping your customers happy and in the know is very important to operating a successful business. Everyone could use a refresher on how to provide great customer service. Here are some tips on how to keep the customers coming back for more:

Be More Active on Social Media

Customer service is not only in person and telecommunications, people will take to social media to voice their concerns. If a customer has a problem, they will most likely take to the phones or send a message to the company's social media. Now on Facebook it shows how active the business account is. You will want to respond to comments/messages as soon as you can so you can provide great customer service. Try not to use automatic responses when responding to customers. It is very easy for a person to go through the feed and see if the same reply is being said. Customers want to feel like they are special and receiving attention like they deserve. It is your job to make this happen. Also provide content on your social media pages that will keep the customer in the know. You want people up to date on what is happening with your company. This will help make your customers more connected with your business. Make sure you are also interacting with your customers. Search your brand and see who is talking about it. Start a conversation with these people to show them you truly care.

Get Rid of Automated Lines

In today's age you may think it is easier to have pre-recorded phone lines to get the customer to the right place. This could actually be hurting your business. People hate having to go through a recording because a lot of the time they will not end up where they want to be. Having a person answer your business line(s) 24/7 will boost your customer service immediately. People want to talk to a real person when they are calling a business. Of course you aren't going to be answering your phone lines 24/7, and that is where an answering service comes in (

Make Sure Your Employees Are Happy

For the most part, a happy employee will make a happy customer. We have all been at a business where we are dealing with an employee who looks like they rather be anywhere but at their job. It makes us feel awkward, frustrated, confused, etc. Some people will actually think about not going to that business anymore and take their money elsewhere. Providing a great workplace for your employees will have them in a better mood when dealing with customers. Put in reward systems to show employees they are appreciated. Even a simple "Great Job!" will have the employee feel like they valued. Great customer service starts within.

Use Positivity

In any customer service whether it is online, over the phone, in person you have to have positive messages. Even when you simply cannot grant the customer their request you need to somehow make the negative situation into one where the customer knows you tried your all to get them what they want.

Some words/phrases to use on a daily basis with customers: absolutely, happy, delighted, my pleasure, thanks for choosing us, how can I make this right?, you made my day, I completely agree with you, we will figure this out.



"Customers may forget what you said but they'll never forget how you made them feel."