Valentine's Day in Your Office


Valentine's Day is a fun day to do some cool things with your brand, customers, and employees. Whether you want to focus on people in relationships, single people, or both, there is tons of room for creativity on this day (or week!). Make this time a fun time on social media. You can send out branded Valentine's Day cards to your followers. You will want to make these have some humor with them so that your audience responds. Don't just cater to the people in relationships, make cards for those who are single as well.

Depending on the nature of the business you can do different content. If you are in the food business you can make certain foods in the shape as a heart for a graphic. If you are in the office supplies business you can make hearts out of paper and office supplies. Even at your physical shop you can do these creative things. If you own that office supplies store you can hand out paper roses to your customers.

If your business is able to you can either offer discounts for those are in relationships or those who are single. For example, if you own a spa you can offer couples a discount on a couple massage or vise versa for the person that is single.

Internally, you can make this day fun for your employees as well. You can have a Valentine's Day spread for lunch, you can have a Valentine's Day card competition, you can get a rose for every female employee, and so much more!

Don't let this day slip away without doing some creativity for your brand!