Listen to Mister Rogers

Fred Rogers has made a huge impact on today's society with his life lessons. Not only do these lessons apply to every day life, but they also apply to the way you operate your business and customer service. Here is a short background on Rogers' life:

Fred Rogers grew up outside of Pittsburgh, and has always had a background in television. In November of 1953 WQED Pittsburgh had requested Rogers to develop the program schedule for the first community-sponsored educational television station in the nation. His first program he produced for the station was 'The Children's Corner'. This program was a daily, live, hour-long spot that had music and puppets. Rogers was the organist, composer, and the puppeteer.

After this station, Rogers then created a program for CBC in Canada called Misterogers. This was the first time that Rogers as the on camera host. After this, he returned to Pittsburgh and created the famous series Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. This program would end up being on PBS.

He created over 200 songs, tons of children's books, and much more.

Apply Mister Rogers' Lessons To Your Business




Mister Rogers taught that you may not have what another person has, so make sure you make your situation the best that it can be. This can relate to your business. You may not be the Google of your industry, you may just be a start up. That doesn't mean you are at a disadvantage. What you do with the resources you have is going to determine how your business will turn out. Always make positives out of any situation. Your business will thank you, and so will your mind.



If you want true success you have to treat others the way you want to be treated. Our mothers told us that when we were younger, but it rings true. This is huge in customer service. You always want to treat the customer with 100% respect and kindness. Without your customers, there is no business. This also applies to those who are in management. Treat your employees the way you treat your customers. A happy employee will go above and behind for the company. An employee who feels unhappy with management might just take their unhappiness out on the customer. A good golden rule is to be kind to everyone who comes in your path.


Be willing to help anyone who comes along for your journey. Help a customer, help an employee, help your boss, help your family, help a random person on the street. Make a difference in someone's life. You helping a person can be just the thing that they need to have a great day. Always be willing to help.



Always be yourself in every situation. Don't be afraid of what others will think of you. Having confidence not only will help you, but it will also help your business. Do not put on a front for your customers. They want to speak with real people. They want real interactions. Your customers will appreciate that you are being who you are meant to be. Be honest with your self, and your customers.

Mister Rogers taught values that every single person can use at least once in their lifetime. Sometimes it is best to take a moment to remember where we came from, and what we were taught. Be someone's friend, be someone's reason to smile, be someone's neighbor.

Source: Fred Roger's Company, Google Images