Resources for Professionals


Whether you have been in your professional career for 20 years or 2 months, everyone could use resources to help better themselves. Staying on top of trends is important in every industry. Businesses and marketing professionals are no exception. The industries are constantly changing. Customer service is changing, and everyone has to keep up. Here are some resources to help you grow as professional:


Share, Retweet, Repeat - John Hlinko

Hlinko teaches readers how to create campaigns that will spread their brand's message. He discusses how to create these campaigns to optimize ROI with any budget. He wants the readers to be able to to create buzz around their content.

EntreLeadership - Dave Ramsey 

Image result for • EntreLeadership – Dave Ramsey summaryRamsey gives advice on how "EntreLeaders" should possess certain traits and characteristics. If you are a start up business, this is a good book to read. He discusses what is required for a start up to be successful. New business owners could also benefit from this book because he talks about how to hire new employees and how to run your new business.

Marketing: A Love Story, How to Matter to Your Customers - Bernadette JiwaMarketing: A Love Story

Bernadette Jiwa asks the hard hitting questions about why don't marketing professionals look at marketing a different way? She asks what if marketing was less viewed about promotions and more viewed as a way to help your customers with a problem, or help your customers reach a goal. She focuses more about marketing for the customer rather than for business. This is a good read for marketing professionals.

Hug Your Haters – Jay Baer

Hug Your Haters

This book was named one of the top 3 business books by Strategy: Business Magazine. Jay Baer talks about how customer service is changing and how brands have to keep up with the times. Baer says he will teach readers how to deal with "haters and trolls", why you need to answer every single complaint, to focus on customer service on different channels such as social media, and so much more. This book is great for Social Media Managers or brand's that are beginning their journey with social media.

Be Like Amazon: Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do It – Jeffery Eisenberg and Bryan Eisenberg with Roy H. Williams


Image result for • Be Like Amazon: Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do It – Jeffrey Eisenberg and Bryan Eisenberg summary

This book is about building a successful company. It takes an inside look at the rise of Jeff Bezos and Amazon as an example. The authors discuss Amazon's four pillars of success which are:

1. Customer Centricity

2. Continuous Optimization

3. Culture of Innovation

4. Corporate Agility

This is a great read for all entrepreneurs and business owners.



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This website is a great resource for new and seasoned professionals. There are podcasts, articles, reports, online seminars, tutorials, tools, and more. It is a one stop shop for all your marketing resources.


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Not only does Hootsuite schedule your content for basically all your social media platforms, the website offers tons of resources for marketing professionals as well. Hootsuite has a blog, courseware, webinars, product help, team training, podcast, research, and more.


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This blog was voted #1 Website for Entrepreneurs by Inc. and #2 in 100 Websites for Entrepreneurs by Forbes. David Skok is a five-time entrepreneur who created the blog to offer advice on issues that owners and their teams could face. He also offers advice on running a successful company. On the site you can find tons of articles that are great resources.


Growing as a professional in your industry is all about learning and keeping up with change. There are plenty of resources out there for professionals to use to better themselves. They are just a click away!