How Dwight Schrute Can Inspire You

Dwight Worker .jpg

Dwight Schrute is a fictional character on NBC's hit show "The Office". Dwight is his company's, Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, top salesman. He is known for strictly following the rules and loving the paper industry more than life it self. Want to be more successful in business? Be like Dwight Schrute. 


Heres how:

Put in time

If you want to be able to succeed in what you do, you have to actually put in the time. This means putting in the hours at your job. Some days might require longer days to finish a project or fix a problem. The more you are willing to the work, the more successful you will be. This doesn't mean work 24/7 and not sleep. Your brain is your greatest resource, so you will have to have this in top shape as well to be able to put in your time. 


Love your company

The reason why Dwight always has the top sales in the office is because he is so passionate about what he does. He eat, sleeps, drinks Dunder Mifflin. He truly never works a day in his life. This is another key to your success. Be passionate about what you do and who you work for. Yes, not everyday is going to be perfect. Somedays you will be frustrated, but don't let that stop you from being passionate about where you work. Dwight never did.


Love your product

Dwight not only loves his company, but he loves what he sells. He knows the paper business inside and out. Make sure you are constantly researching industry trends about your product to be up-to-date. Make sure you know EVERYTHING about what your business sells. When a customer asks you a question, you need to know the answer. When you don't know something about your product the customer will be less likely to purchase. 

Keep your desk clean 

Dwight was a clean freak. This helped him stay productive throughout the day. Keeping your desk clean will prevent any distractions. Having a clean space will keep your mind clean as well. Don't let clutter stack up!


Be confident

There is no one that was more confident in The Office than Dwight. He knew he was the best salesman, and he wasn't afraid to show it. When he speaks to clients he basically doesn't take no for an answer. This made clients love him. In your workplace, make sure you are showing that you are confident in the role you have. If you don't show confidence your co-workers will notice, and so will your clients. Having confidence can be the difference in making a sale.