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Since beginning as an answering service in 1988, we have perfected our service and are constantly looking for ways to improve. We provide answering service solutions for business of all sizes and industries throughout the United States, this is our expertise! It is as simple as giving us guidance on how to handle your calls, forwarding your phone lines over, and then we can handle the rest.

Along with our answering service solutions, we also have many call center solutions available to use such as appointment reminders, satisfaction surveys, call overflow during office hours, and more. 

All of our agents undergo specialized training as well as signing a confidentiality and HIPAA agreement.

Our services are offered 24/7/365 rain, snow, or shine. Our clients feel confident counting on us at anytime we are needed.

Answering Service

Our advanced, script based system allows our agents to seamlessly handle calls as if we were an employee of yours. All that is needed is some basic company info, a script with any questions or data that needs collected from callers, and how the messages should be sent to your staff. 

Outbound: Satisfaction Surveys / Reminders

Interested in hearing some feedback from your customers? Or interested in having our agents remind your customers of their appointments? We can handle both of those things through our outbound dialing. All that is needed is a list of questions/statements, contact list, and specific times that we can reach out. If you want to offer top notch service and look extremely professional, this feature will do your business wonders!

Overflow Service during office hours

Phone ringing off the hook and unable to get your work done? Have a staff meeting and getting interrupted because there is no one to answer the phone? Not to fret, we are here to help! Depending on circumstances, phone lines can be programmed to forward to the answering service when all lines are busy, if the phone is not answered in your office within a set number of rings, or just turned on at any time you need them to. It is a really convenient feature especially on a busy Monday morning.

Time Based Scripts

Looking for our agents to ask different questions or advise different things at certain times of the day? This is where our time based scripts come in handy. Our programmers can arrange for different scripts to appear on certain days, times, holidays for things such as different fees, collecting different information, advising specific instructions, etc. 

Advanced Reporting

Look for daily or hourly fax and/or email reports of all messages taken with logged dispatch history? We can set this up easily and add as many recipients to these reports as necessary. Our system also has the ability to send these reports in an excel format which then can easily be imported into any internal systems.

Online Web Portal

Keep up-to-date with messages in real time, add/edit on-call schedules, and add special account instructions using our online and secure web portal. All staff members can be setup with a login and have different access levels as desired. 

Have multiple accounts? We can link them together so there is only one login to make your life easy and stress free of remembering anymore passwords!

Secured Messaging

Need a HIPAA compliant and secured messaging app rather than unsecure text messages? Our answering service offers a custom built application to all clients. If a current secured messaging software is in use already, we are also capable of working with third party softwares. 

Two-way Texting

Too busy to answer your phone for emergency messages? We are able to send messages to any on-call person and the recipient can then respond back "Got it" which is then logged on the message for the office manager to see the next day. If the on-call does not reply, we can then have a tiered protocol to then call the on-call or contact other staff members.


Looking for a simple voicemail box solution? We can setup a voicemail box with a secure password for you to access at anytime. This is a great feature for those that are tired of giving out their cellphone number but do not want to commit to a 2 year contract to get another number from a phone company.

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