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Need someone to handle your inbound/outbound customer service calls? We have worked with companies of all sizes, acting as their customer service and/or billing departments. We are capable of working with your own internal systems and using it to handle calls 24/7/365. Allegheny Answering Service is PCI and HIPAA Compliant and all agents undergo specialized training as well as signing a confidentiality agreement.


Our state of the art, inbound call center, is what we do best. With a software that can be fully customized for each client, we are able to take on clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. With the best technology in place, we have you covered every step of the way.

Satisfaction Surveys

Provided a service or sold a product and would like to hear some feedback from the customer? All we need is a list of questions, which customers need contacted, and which times of day and we can provide you with invaluable data on your business performance or product.


We offer an integrative reservation setting solution available to all business sizes. Agents are able to book reservations in a system which is directly associated with an account. Clients can log into the online web portal, and view all of the upcoming reservations and also make edits. We can also make phone call reminders or send an email to a client's customers, reminding them of their reservation. We are also capable of using your own internal reservation software if preferred.

Overflow Service

With overflow service your calls can be forwarded to us at all times of the day. If a call reaches a predetermined number of rings, all lines are busy, or in any other circumstance in which you are experiencing high call volume due to an event, weather, or a campaign, we will be here to answer your calls.


Visitors to your website can interface with agents via our Web Chat feature. Web chat dialogues can be emailed to you, ensuring that you have a clear record of the questions your site visitors have. Our experts will even provide a design tool for your web designer's, allowing them to create the on-screen chat button necessary to communicate with our agents. Messages may be made by our agents, and/or relayed to a staff member of yours to allow for immediate follow up if desired. We are also fully capable of handling any current internal webchat systems that may be in place.

Call Routing / IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Systems

In need of someone to route your calls to specific numbers at specific times? We can create menu options or automatic transfers with or without ever reaching an agent.


Allegheny Answering Service employs trained billing agents that act as corporate or small business billing departments. All that is needed is access to your current system, billing terms, and we can take it from there.

Credit Card Payments

Offering a service or product where a credit card payment is needed? We are 100% PCI compliant and can take any payment information over the phone. All that is needed is access to your current system or a link to an online payment portal and we will handle the rest.

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