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Founded in 1989, Allegheny Answering Service has over 28 years experience in assisting businesses of all sizes operate more efficiently. From assistance with your phone lines to ensuring your team is receiving their calls, our experienced personnel can meet the needs of every office - all day, every day. 

Industries served include, but not limited to:                                                                

Hospice, Attorneys, Contractors, Dental, Universities, Medical, HVAC, Finance, Government, Small Business, Real Estate, Hospitality, Information Technology, Restoration, Plumbing, Property Management, Medical Supplies, Customer Support

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Our Features:

Here at Allegheny Answering Service we use a script based system. We are able to program an account according to our clients' business needs. A script based system ensures that our operators never deviate from the questions they are supposed to be asking your customers. Below are some of our other features that we are capable of:


Appointment Setting

We offer an integrative appointment setting solution for any office that would like to utilize it. Operators at Allegheny Answering Service are able to set appointments in our appointment calendar, which is directly associated with an account. Clients are able to log into the online web portal, and view all of the upcoming appointments. We can also send an email to a client's patients or customers, reminding them when their appointment is.

Overflow Service

With overflow service your calls can be forwarded to us at all times of the day. If a call reaches a predetermined number of rings, all lines are busy, or in any other circumstance in which your voicemail would normally kick in, we will be here to answer your calls.

Automatic Line Checks
This feature allows us to test your telephone lines at any interval that you request, ensuring that your lines are forwarded to us. Unforeseen circumstances, such as power surges to the phones, can cause them to not be forwarded, resulting in a loss of calls for you.

Call Control

Unsure of what you would like? Tired of getting non-urgent calls after hours? Let your callers decide by allowing them to press 1 to speak to an operator, 2 to leave a voicemail message, or 3 if you are calling from a certain facility/company. You can combine traditional services with any of our voicemail options, including the on-call genie, to better manage how your calls are being handled and who is receiving the information. Call control is one of the most vital aspects of any business today. With sales personnel traveling, doctors in patient rooms, and plumbers lying under the kitchen sink, each individual member of your office can have the feature that fits each and every one of their needs, ensuring all staff members are happy.

Pre-line Announcement

Communicate with your callers before they reach an operator or voicemail box with our Pre-line Announcements. These recordings can be custom made to include any information that you desire, such as office hours, new products that you offer, etc. The use of a pre-line announcement can even save you money by filtering out telemarketers and other unnecessary calls. 

Secured Text Messaging (HIPAA Compliant)

Allegheny Answering Service recognizes the need for PHI security. To accommodate our medical practices, Allegheny Answering Service offers HIPAA compliant secured text messaging to our clients. Rather than sending a traditional text message, we send a secure message via https protocol to a secure app installed on the client's cell phone. Furthermore, the app lets our operators know if the message has been read or not, ensuring that the doctor always receives their important messages. Just need an app for doctor to doctor conversation? Each doctor can simply sign up for the app on your answering service account, allowing your network to use the app between one another to securely communicate patient needs. 

Web Access

Web Access conveniently allows our clients to access their account via their own computer, at their leisure. Clients are able to give certain employees privileges to enter in on-call information, check messages, update/view appointment scheduler, and update account instructions FOR FREE.


Visitors to your website can interface with operators at Allegheny Answering Service via our Web Chat feature. Web chat dialogues can be emailed to you, ensuring that you have a clear record of the questions your site visitors have. Our experts will even provide a design tool for your Web designer's, allowing them to create the on-screen chat button necessary to communicate with our operators.  Messages may be made by our operators, and/or relayed to a staff member of yours to allow for immediate follow up if desired. 


If client do not wish for their callers to speak to an operator, that is perfectly fine. We can set up a variety of custom voicemail accounts where the callers are able to leave voice messages. If a caller designates that a call is an emergency, by perhaps using the call control options, we can have our automated system call the client with the recording, or simply link our voicemail system to the on-call voicemail, allowing anyone to still receive the message as soon as it is taken. Just want to check it twice a day? Not a problem. Clients can call into their voicemail with ease and at their convenience. Additionally, password protection ensures that no competitors are able to retrieve your messages.

Voice Recorded Calls/Caller ID

Each and every call is recorded for quality and assurance purposes along with Caller ID. If you happen to have an inquiry to listen to a certain call, we are able to send that to you via a secure and encrypted email.


U.S. Representatives





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We’re looking for talented, committed individuals to join our team as we continue our extraordinary growth trajectory. At Allegheny Answering Service, we promote a positive team oriented environment. We strive for accuracy on all of our calls, and provide our clients with top notch service. We believe in developing our employees and making sure they are on the path to succeed within the company. 

If you feel that you would be an asset to our team, please apply via the form below.

Benefits include:

  • Health insurance
  • 401K
  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Relaxed Environment
  • Paid holidays

Current Openings


Description: Answer incoming communications through a simple, script-based system and relay the messages to on-call personnel. Calls handled DO NOT involve any outbound solicitation or sales. Clients consist of the following industries: General Contractors, Hospice and Nursing Agencies, Doctors, Government Agencies, Property Management, and much more!

Shift: Openings for a variety of different shifts, day and night. Shifts can be 6, 8, or 10 hours long. Full or Part time is available. 


  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Basic computer skills
  • Excellent listening, typing, and oral communication skills. This includes the ability to speak clearly, and with proper/positive telephone etiquette to both clients and their callers.
  • Customer service experience
  • Must pass a background check and drug test
  • Work  holidays and weekends (Not all, we try to be very accommodating


  • Starting rate: $11.00 (after 90 days, there is an increase to $11.25)
  • Many opportunities for growth/pay increases as your skills advance
  • Higher pay rate for bilingual operators


Sales Representative

Description: The representative would be responsible for acquiring new accounts and clients for Allegheny Answering Service. The representative would initially be required to spend some time in the office, learning the fundamentals of the answering service to effectively sell it. Once educated in the business, the representative is permitted to work any hours that they feel will produce the best results for their sales.

Sales can be acquired the following ways:

  • Email Blasts
  • Fax Blasts
  • Mailings
  • On-Site Events
  • Networking Events
  • Government Bids


Representatives would report directly to the manager and would have the manager's assistance when required. 

Compensation: This position is salary but also includes commission. The commission scale will be discussed during the initial interview. Please note the commission is reflected in the size of the account in which the representative acquires.


At least 1 year of sales experience


Administrative assistant

Description: Allegheny Answering Service is a 24/7/365 call center. We handle a variety of communication means for a wide range of industries throughout the United States. We are looking for an Administrative Assistant to help management with day-to-day tasks involving business operations; Human Resources, Client Relations, Record Keeping, Scheduling, etc.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Quality Assurance Reviews
  • Human Resources Assistant
  • Client Relations Assistant
  • Scheduling Assistant

Qualifications and Skills

  • Associates Degree
  • 1-3 years experience
  • Must be very organized
  • Able to multi-task and take on responsibility
  • Some Customer service experience
  • Some HR Experience

Job Type: Full-time

Required experience:

  • Administrative Assistant: 3 years

Required education:

  • High school or equivalent

Job Location:

  • Pittsburgh, PA


Description: Our call center is currently in need of a lead programmer. The lead programmer is responsible for building and maintaining clients' accounts per their specification. 

Shift: Primarily Monday - Friday, daylight hours (9am-5pm or 10am-6pm), although some evenings and weekends my be required on occasion. 

Systems Utilized: We utilize the Szeto technologies system. Familiarity with this system is not required, however is highly desired. Please research Szeto technologies before applying.

Platforms Utilized: We utilize the Linux platform, Ubuntu, and Fedora flavors. Familiarity with this system is not required, however is highly desired.

****Please note that web based experience in programming does not directly apply to this position, as it does not utlize any standard programming for html, including C++ and javascript********

Desired Traits: The desired candidate possesses a high attention to detail, willingness to follow direction, extensive thoroughness in all aspects of performance, is self motivated, and is flexible within the company.

Compensation: This will strongly depend on experience and willingness to work within the company. A substantial amount of training may be required for the appropriate and qualified candidate. Additional compensation will be considered once the candidate has passed the initial orientation period within the company to ensure the appropriate match has been made.






***When applying make sure you specify which position you are applying for***